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Is This Site Legal?

  • We do not accept deposits
  • Players cannot buy chips
  • Playing is always FREE with no risks
  • We only hosts Freeroll Poker games
  • You can win HIVE!
Refer to our blog post for more information or consult a lawyer regarding laws in your jurisdiction.


Who We Are

Lucksacks Poker Leagues is the longest running and #1 payout game on the Hive blockchain and dates back to pre-Hive days. We've been offering Freeroll Poker to win HIVE and other cryptocurrencies since 2017.
Players at Lucksacks can play against other human players in popular poker games such as Hold-em, Omaha, Stud, and Razz. We do not run or allow "Bots" on our site! Players can compete in a variety of daily, weekly & monthly tournaments or put their virtual stacks on the line in Ring Games or Sit-N-Go's that are always available.
Throughout the year, Lucksacks Poker will host the Titans of Poker (TOP) Series - an annual qualification-only poker championship series. Series qualifications begin on October 1st and conclude the following October with the TOP Series Championship tournament at the end of the month.
We also host Custom Poker Leagues, Ring Games or Sit-N-Go's for anyone! You can create your own poker league with a custom table with your logo, your settings and play whenever you like! Pricing is based upon the number of seats, settings and customizations you need. You can pay for each game indivually with automated billing via PayPal or receive a discount for paying for multiple games up front. Each setup is different so please fill out our Poker League Customization form for pricing and more information.

Free Gameplay

Lucksacks allows anyone to register and begin playing poker for free. Poker chips cannot be purchased and they are non-transferable between player accounts. Chips won through tournament play can be used in other games on Lucksacks.com and can be cashed out for cryptocurrency in the form of HIVE tokens. Players will need a Hive account in order to withdraw their winnings.
For more information about gameplay, please read our Blog.

Rules & Help

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Development of the site is ongoing and our vision and team continues to grow with us. You can interact with us and our community or on our network by visiting, following, or joining any or all of the accounts and sites listed below: You can also support Lucksacks Poker by doing any or all of the following:
  • Become a sponsor. (Contact us on Discord for more details.)
  • Download and use the Brave browser using our referral link: Download Brave browser. By downloading with our referral link and using the browser for at least 30 days, you can help us earn rewards! You can also set up monthly tipping for Lucksacks.com - a verified Brave publisher - to send us a share of your free monthly BAT distributions. And if you enable ads in your Brave browser settings, you can even earn BAT while you play games on our sites!

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